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8 de maio de 2014

The escape

Hey, baby
I need to say the true
I miss you still more
Before, we talked everyday
about everything
And now, we don't have nothing to speak
And this hurt me

Time can do so much
Both bring togheter as take away
The silence
betwen us
nothing I can do
How do you think we could be friends after lose the true?
How do you could to think that
I don't forget the way like fineshed?
It's easy you to come here
and to stay again
little close to me

You was mine
Take a step...and
we one more time
But now I'm alone to night
In the darkness
I can see my smille sunshine in your eyes
You me identify in the crowd
What happens btween us?

We did smille togheter
We talked to test our English by sms
I don't wanted this fineshed
I'd like you here
but...the distance

You're in me
I know...you left our story
that was of love
and that stay in my heart

we made love everywhere...
did I have to change?
There's no answer
How far is it from here?
Can you call me?

if I saw you
And I didn't say: "Hi"
You have no idea that I lie
I'm apologize
For I don't look in your eyes
But if you realize
you'll recognize your body in my arms

That was a escape
I can't confront you, baby
Actualy I wanted to say:
"It was good see you" It's the true...
you was look beatiful

I needed to be strong
face to face with you
Now, I'm alone
We far away so long
but I still hunger for your touch.

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